I hold a Master in Counselling specialising in relational issues, struggles with intimacy and sexual addiction.

I'm a father of three teenage boys, a devoted husband, and am totally besotted (addicted) to Celtic Folk music and playing my Scottish Small Pipes.  Do I ever understand addictions.

My background includes six years in private practice, as well as working as a family therapist for a hauora in the Eastern Bay of Plenty, and as a tutor with Bethlehem Tertiary Institute (Tauranga) in their School of Counselling.  I have worked in mental health for more than ten years, offering my clients short, medium and long-term therapy.

Having done my own in-depth therapy I continually look for new ways of advancing my practice by participating in personal development courses, and pastimes that offer self-care opportunities. My ongoing education and professional development currently consists of supervision by senior psychotherapists, while consistently undertaking more than 30 hours of professional development per year.

Since commencing as a counsellor, I always held the following premise foremost in my dealings with clients (explained best by a quotation from Dr. David Schnarch):

I don’t expect you to agree with me; you weren’t put on the face of this earth to validate and reinforce me.  But I want you to love me — and you can’t really do that if you don’t know me. I don’t want your rejection—but I must face that possibility if I’m ever to feel accepted or secure with you. It’s time to show myself to you and confront my separateness and mortality. One day, when we are not longer together on this earth, I want to know you [truly] knew me”.

Bringing these understandings into people's consciousness is central to my therapeutic approach.


32 Leach Street, New Plymouth

Inquire with the C.A.B. General Office staff for location of therapy space, once inside the building.


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Solo (1 hour session)

Couples (1 hour)

Group sessions

$95.00 per hour

$115.00  per hour

$145 per 1.0  hr session

Let me always be a beacon unto those in distress: let me serve Thee and Thine Eternal Throne all the days of my life. Let me always remember the obligations that I have taken upon me. Lord, if it is Thine Will, let me serve Thee all the days of my life!
Power beyond Power,
Pillar of Strength,
God Almighty.